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Shaleah W - Chicago, IL

Cooking with Curves cookies are delicious, made with quality ingredients and the PERFECT size! You can taste the freshness and the attention to detail in each bite. You’ll want to make them last for three and four bites. I've ordered platters for my colleagues and for events and they are always a hit!

Trevon G - Chicago IL

The first time I tasted Cooking with Curves cookies,Whew it was like a blast of love and deliciousness entered my mouth just from one bite! I love the variety of cookies; my favorite are Reese Cup w/Reese Pieces and Chocolate Chip. I tell everyone about them and recommend everyone to try some, and they are very affordable but they taste like they are worth millions.

Daisha O - Bellowood, IL

When I first had a taste of Cooking with Curves Signature cookies, I had the oatmeal raisin with pecan which were ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS, I always finding myself driving over 30 miles from home for these scrumptious cookies.<br />

Chrissy B - Houston, TX

I don't usually like oatmeal cookies. I tasted one of Cooking with Curves cookies and it was amazing!!! My favorite ones are the Oreo and the snicker; there was a snicker in every bite! They are always super fresh even when they are shipped to me!!<br />

Lauren K - Atlanta, GA

These cookies melt in your mouth!!!! I did the evil laugh as I was eating them. Sooo good! Always Sooo Fresh!

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