Cookie Baking Classes

Tired of baking cookies at home and you just  don’t know why they’re not baking perfectly and want to learn the secrets to the “perfect”cookie dough?

Want to learn how to make creative cookies recipes while unlocking all the secrets to baking?

Our hands on baking class will teach you how to make the perfect cookie dough while unlocking all the secrets to mastering the art of creating delicious cookies from scratch.  Led by expert Baker and Cookie Magic Specialist Erin, she doesn’t just teach you the art of baking cookies she shows you just how much fun you can have with flour, butter, sugar and lots of sweet toppings.

Once we create the “perfect” cookie dough, add in those toppings, roll up those sweet creations and put those cookie dough balls in the oven…It’s time for the “REAL FUN” to begin…The “Cookie Activities” that will almost make you forget you have cookies in the oven because you’re having so much fun.

Before you know it! the cookie timer goes off and it’s time to make your way to the oven to check your  masterpiece…once you have see your cookies and they cool down a bit….Now it’s time for the SWEETEST part of class! You Get To Taste Your Cookies! 

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The Recipe

Step 1: The Baking Class

  • 2 hour hands on baking class

         (all materials included)

  • Cookie Activities while cookies bake 
  • Cookie Recipe Yields: 6 large cookies  (you take what you bake) 
  • E-Copy of Recipe 
  • Cookie Maker Certification 

Step 2: Baking Class Ages

Price is per person and for one class session only* However if your child is 6-12 years old you are only required to pay for the child(ren)and a parent/guardian MUST assist the child(ren)but is not required to pay for the class. All Children 13 years old + must pay for class. No additional children or adults that are not participants of the class are allowed. 

Step 3: Baking Class Policy

Once class is starts, there are no exceptions for entry after the 15 minute grace period even with a call, text or email and class is non-refundable or transferable. 

ALL Classes are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE if you are a no show. 

*A Class Waiver and Release Form MUST BE SIGNED upon arrival to class